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Making the decision to see a therapist is never easy and takes great courage. I strive to provide a safe, trusting environment for adults and teens who may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious and/or depressed. In my practice I use a supportive, solution-focused approach, which is practical and results oriented. I see therapy as a process for change rather than merely an exercise in insight.


I help clients through difficult life transitions, especially when they are feeling stuck. I offer a non judgmental atmosphere where one can decompress, vent and then funnel one's energy towards problem solving.   I come from the angle of empowerment...focusing on how to take control to turn a situation around and move forward in a healthier, more productive manner.  

I also work with college students who are struggling with various issues including anxiety, time management challenges, social/relationship issues and more.  I help them manage the transition into a more independent life and develop coping strategies to enable them to be their best selves in college.  


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