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"Amy helped us get back in control with our son who was running our lives.  She guided us with practical advice that really made a difference."

  - M.E, Rockville, MD


"It feels like I'm talking to a close personal friend who knows me better than anyone, with the added benefit of experienced, thoughtful advice!"

- J.P., Washington, D.C.

Parent Coaching

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to create a peaceful household and nothing has worked?  Has it becoming increasingly difficult to get through seemingly simple interactions? Do the same strategies that seem to work for others not work for you?


I work with parents who struggle with these issues and more.  We will focus on practical strategies to help with parenting challenges.  I take a problem solving, solution focused approach to working through struggles.  We will identify where communication breaks down or is ineffective.  We can explore how parenting styles differ (we are all influenced positively or negatively by how we ourselves were parented) and help you align your parenting values and become the kind of parent you want to be. 


We can focus on recognizing your child’s underlying issues and look at new ways to respond more effectively to your child’s changing needs as he or she develops.  I can help you set up and implement an individually tailored behavior plan that works to get results.  We will look at the power balance in your family (it’s common to find that the kids actually run the show)  and make sure that you and your spouse are in charge and present a unified front.

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