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"Amy's practical and common sense approach to complex interpersonal issues has allowed us to see a new path forward while still staying true to ourselves."

  - J.P., Washington, D.C.

Couples Counseling

Do you feel like you and your spouse have drifted away from each other? Do you struggle with communicating effectively? Have you and your spouse lost the ability to connect? Do you struggle with intimacy issues? 


I have extensive experience working with couples on a range of issues including communication challenges, feeling disconnected, conflicting parenting styles and intimacy issues.  I help couples feel more connected and supported by identifying toxic patterns in their relationships, improving communication skills, resolving conflict more productively and increasing trust.   


I also work with couples on issues surrounding infidelity and affairs.  Many couples are able to stay together after an affair by working through the various stages post affair.  Together we will work on getting though the initial shock when an affair is discovered and then work to understand what the affair was about.  Finally, we focus on rebuilding the marriage by rebuilding trust,  learning to forgive, improving communication and overall connection.


I always strive to create  a non judgmental, constructive atmosphere in which to work on all issues.  I have a practical, solution focused approach that gets results!

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