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"Amy Gates really helped my husband and I get a grip when things were so crazy.  She helped us accept our son's issues and find our new normal."

  - B.F., Poolsville, MD

Special Needs Parent Coaching

Are you struggling to make sense of what is going on with your child?  Do you feel like you are living in perpetual crisis mode?  Are you struggling with acceptance?  Do you and your spouse have different ways of coping that clash with each other?  Is it difficult to find balance in your life?


Coping with the issues surrounding raising a child with special needs poses unique challenges for parents.  Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed can make raising a family more stressful than it has to be. Talking to a therapist can help you develop coping strategies that can reduce anxiety and offer you more peace of mind.  


As a parent of my own child with special needs, I had to learn first hand how to come to a level of acceptance and develop a solid “Plan B” that we could all live with.  Finding balance is a key to success.  Doing what you can (and what makes sense) for your child with special needs has to be balanced with making time for each other, giving siblings the attention they need, and taking care of yourself.  I help parents work on these issues and more!

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